About BSU RAK - Bath Spa University RAK

About Bath Spa University RAK

Explore your passions, follow your dreams and gain skills that help you level up your career. Our University provides you complete support and creates an environment where you will explore your creativity enhanced by enterprise fit for a modern world.


Our vision is to become the higher education institution of choice for multinational students, providing quality and affordable British education while promoting creativity, culture, and enterprise.


We ensure affordable quality education across various disciplines while fostering creativity, culture, and enterprise in partnership with the Bath Spa University UK.


  • To provide affordable quality British education to multinational students with attractive scholarship programs
  • To recruit multinational students
  • To offer quality teaching across a range of disciplines and areas
  • To continuously embark on creativity, culture, and enterprise to meet the needs of industry and students
  • To shape future innovators and leaders who will have a positive and lasting impact on society
  • To support UAE's Sustainable Development Goals
  • To empower students to achieve their potential, prepare them for the challenges of the future, and instill in them the values of excellence, integrity, and lifelong learning
  • To attract and retain qualified faculty and staff who share our commitment to academic excellence and student success
  • To establish partnerships with other educational institutions, industry, and government agencies to enhance academic programs, research, and community engagement

British University in the Emirates

Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK under the direct quality assurance of the UK campus has an established reputation for courses that offer high-quality teaching across a range of disciplines and areas. The University continuously embarks on Creativity, Culture, and Enterprise and offers an innovative and up-to-date curriculum that meets the needs of industry and the students.

Under the Chairmanship of His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Majid Bin Saeed Al Nuaimi, Chairman Ruler’s Court Ajman, Bath Spa University Academic Centre in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates ensures world-class education right here in the UAE.

Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK's Humble Beginning

The higher academic institution dates right back to 2014 when Mr. Raja Sajjad Hussain, Chief Executive Officer, responded to the call of offering relevant programmes in the Emirates from a highly reputable British University - Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Along with His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Majid Bin Saeed Al Nuaimi, they envisioned to establish a university that will cater to financially challenged yet deserving multi-national students in the United Arab Emirates. Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK is licensed by the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) to operate as a university through the RAKEZ Academic Zone.

Pillars of BSU Academic Centre RAK

In conjunction with the United Arab Emirates and The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Bath Spa University Academic Centre - RAK is one in fulfilling the role of knowledge institutions in the implementation of the SDGs. BSU-RAK does not just provide quality and world-class education, the University also thrives as a hub in shaping future innovators and leaders to have a lasting positive impact in the society.


We will apply creativity to all that we do, and to the global and human challenges that face society; develop compelling narratives that move people to action; conduct excellent research that has significant impact and relevance; and celebrate and nurture the capacity for creativity and innovation in all of our graduates.


We will preserve culture and foster strong relationships with cultural organizations in the Emirates by working with them to introduce and promote the rich culture to our international students. We will embrace diversity and uphold ideals, traditions, and values in our workplace and the whole academic community.


We will build partnerships and work with employers, academics, and alumni. These partnerships will foster economic development (local, regional, and international); long-term goal setting and relationship building; improve student learning and graduate outcomes, and ensure that our work is relevant, useful, and needed.

Apply For Our Scholarship Programmes

Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK acknowledges the academic achievements and talents of students who aspire to join us. We support students who are financially challenged but deserving with our range of scholarship programme assistance: Merit Scholarship, Need-based Scholarship, Competitive Scholarship Test, and Sports Scholarship.

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