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BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

Delivery Type: Day

Duration: 3 years

Intake: September

Admission Centres:
  • Academic Centre RAK
  • Ajman Admission Office
  • Abu Dhabi Admission Office
Contact Details:
  • 07 236 9495
  • 06 7488 432
  • 02 6444 316

Programme Overview

Bath Spa University’s Cyber Security degree approaches cyber security from a holistic point of view – helping you to understand cybersecurity from multiple perspectives. By highlighting key principles such as ‘defence in depth’ and by drawing on national level cyber frameworks and guidelines, we introduce you to a complete picture of the intentions, motivations and scope of the cyber security sector. Across the course, you’ll develop knowledge and practical skills that support the protection of systems, networks and data on a variety of levels (such as individual, business, critical national infrastructure) – all supported by a sound understanding of computing principles. You’ll explore planning methods and tools, learn cybersecurity policies and law, investigate strategies of defence and offence, and gain an appreciation for human behaviours and needs.

Course Assessment

You’ll be assessed through a combination of reports, presentations and set exercises. Tabletop exercises, technical challenges and other practical tasks allow you to demonstrate your understanding of cyber security from a real-world perspective.

Teaching Method

Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and discussion forums, alongside a wide range of practical activities such as scenario simulations and technical tasks. Our teaching methods are designed to enable you to graduate with critical knowledge of cybersecurity, the analytical mindset you’ll need to thrive in the industry, and an awareness of the sector, so that you can hit the ground running in your first cyber security role.

Course Structure

First Year (Level 4)

Introduces the fundamental concepts and skills that underpin computing and cyber security, including programming, system design and development, and digital forensics.

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  • CodeLab 1
  • Introduction to Computing

  • Digital Forensics
  • The Computer Database
  • Web Development

Second Year (Level 5)

Builds on the computing theme with an increased emphasis on the security concepts, tools and techniques that are deployed to protect digital systems. Modules cover practical security considerations such as defense through secure network design, intrusion detection, and strategies for enhancing organisational cyber resilience.

  • Network Administration
  • Codelab 2
  • Databases

  • Intrusion Analysis and Response
  • Cyber Resilience
  • The Responsive Web

Third Year (Level 6)

Comprises specialist modules that deepen your understanding of the challenges and operational practices of cyber security. Modules include those that examine vulnerability assessment methodologies such as red teaming, strategies for protecting critical national infrastructure, and the law, regulations and ethical concerns that underpin the field.

  • Cyber Crime, Law, and Ethics
  • Research Project
  • Securing the Internet of Things

  • Cyber Offence
  • Cyber Defence
  • Critical Infrastructure

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