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Meet Our Student Assistants/Interns

May 6, 2022

Our Student Assistants are proud of Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK students who have shown outstanding character and set apart talent, and dedication in their academics and non-academic activities.

Purpose: The purpose of our student assistant program is to give handpicked students a chance to achieve their dreams while exposing them to real-life experience by contributing to the operations of the university. They are students who enjoy 100  % free tuition till they complete their respective programs.

Pictures start from left to right:

Meet our Social Media duo Raphne Carlos (1st picture from the left) and Hannah Soliao (2nd picture) – the duo exercises their skills and talents in content creation and marketing through monthly curation of artworks, digital materials, and community management throughout our social media channels.

Haven Decano (3rd picture) is AY 2020 – 2021’s Student Council President and a student assistant at our Abu Dhabi Admission Centre, helping with administrative duties and marketing tasks. She welcomes guests and parents to the receiving area.

Meet Raven Lucin (Middle)– our BSc (Hons) Creative Computing graduate of 2021. Raven helps the university put together and produce quality digital content, focusing on photo and video production and post-edits. Right now, he is about to complete his one-year internship.

Another duo is our students Wendy Pancito (5th picture) and Patricia Tolentino (6th picture), stationed at the Accounts Department, giving significant contributions in handling concerns and ensuring students and parents receive their financial statements on time.

Meet Cassandra Canlas (7th picture) – BA (Hons) Business and Management, final year student specializing in Marketing who is currently a big helping hand in both the university’s admissions and marketing department – assisting with parent and student relations and communications.

Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK believes that this kind of program upholds the true essence of our CSR – making a difference. It looks forward to supporting more student assistants in the future.

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