Preparing for Success: Webinar by Dr. Rex Bacarra for Graduating Students - Bath Spa University RAK

Preparing for Success: Webinar by Dr. Rex Bacarra for Graduating Students

July 1, 2020

Dr. Rex Bacarra, the Dean of the American College of Dubai, conducted a highly informative webinar for graduating students. This training session aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a compelling portfolio that would set them apart in the competitive job market.

Recognising the importance of a well-crafted portfolio in securing employment opportunities, Dr. Bacarra provided invaluable guidance to the graduating students. He shared expert insights and best practices for creating a solid portfolio that effectively showcases their skills, accomplishments, and potential to prospective employers.

The Webinar catalysed empowering students to present their talents and capabilities in a way that would captivate employers and leave a lasting impression. Dr. Bacarra’s expertise and guidance gave the students the tools to highlight their strengths and demonstrate their readiness for professional roles.

The Bath Spa University RAK reaffirms its commitment to providing a holistic education that extends beyond academic instruction by offering webinars, especially during the pandemic. It ensures that students are academically prepared and equipped with practical skills to navigate the job market successfully. The Webinar by Dr. Rex Bacarra plays a crucial role in enhancing the students’ employability and setting them on a path to future success.

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